Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Sample Thank You Letter To Girlfriend Can Someone Give Me Sample Lof Thank You Letter For My Cousin Who Is Generous To Accommodate Me In Her House?

Can someone give me sample lof thank you letter for my cousin who is generous to accommodate me in her house? - sample thank you letter to girlfriend

I spend my holiday in Dubai in the house of my cousin, and I want to a letter thanking him for his kindness, hospitality and generosity to write to me. I do not know how I or'll begin to tell you what the words put in my letter in your favor .. Help me write a letter to my dear cousin. Thank you.


sylvia said...

Dear ____,

I can not even say thank you for the hospitality! I had a wonderful time here in Dubai. Not only could I spend time in a land so beautiful, but their generosity in the back and showed me that leads me to (wherever they go together) was only slightly beyond what I expected ....

Is that enough to start? Good luck!

Micol said...

A simple note: Thank you for your generous hospitality bothers me on my visit. Hopefully I can return in the future.

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