Sunday, January 24, 2010

Womans Viginas Differences Are All Womans Viginas The Same? If So How Are They Different?

Are all womans viginas the same? if so how are they different? - womans viginas differences

All are built the same, but they all look different in their own way. Each person is individual.


papillio... said...

Are all people equal the penis?

aprilang... said...

People Gee. Please learn to spell

myself said...

I think most of them are different from my experience;
Some are narrow, the others lose
Some have a remarkable libiba mouth and other non-pretude
They smell different, some city itself!
There is also a difference in the moisture inside.
Then come, some with different types of hair or baldness.

BullPit ! said...

While the vagina come in different shapes and colors, they all function basically the same way.

What is more important for you to ask yourself is:

What happens to the animal to the vagina associated particle?

Alex Miller said...

You know the love Hean, the girls, why? Y'all lookin vaginias other girls?

blackROS... said...

yes ..... r all the differences, the tight or loose some of r to R - based on the sexual habits especially UR. I do not know what color count diffrece ........ I mean, can vary in color b ....... some have pink or has some or has some black Bron

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